NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx, Inc. Announces FDA Clearance for Unique Spinal Fusion Device


July 19, 2016, Modesto, California – NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received FDA clearance for Spinal Jaxx, its expandable intervertebral spacer.

Spinal Jaxx is an innovative expandable lumbar interbody fusion device for spinal surgeries. The unique design of the spacer and proprietary tool set allows surgeons to insert the spacer between the vertebrae of patients in its collapsed form in order to minimize the incision and patient trauma. The spacer can then be expanded to customize the height of the implant to the specific anatomical needs of the patient. Finally, implant design and toolset allows the surgeon to effectively insert as much bone graft into the spacer and disc space as desired after the device has been expanded.

Spinal Jaxx responds to the growing desire among surgeons to reduce the risk of harm to the patient by using more minimally invasive techniques. Our design allows the surgeon to insert the device into a collapsed disc space and expand it in situ to a larger size as needed, providing a snug fit.

Important proprietary features of Spinal Jaxx include, 1) instruments that enable the surgeon to pack additional bone graft through portals in the implant after it has been implanted and expanded, 2) a locking mechanism that prevents any collapse of the device once it is expanded, 3) titanium endplates that contact the vertebral bodies, and 4) greater expansion capability than most competing products means that a smaller implant can be inserted and still adequately expand to fill the interbody space.

Terry Carlone, President of NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx stated that “Spinal Jaxx represents a leap forward in the technology of expandable intervertebral fusion devices. We are confident that this technology will revolutionize the market for such products and reset market expectations for what should be standard features in all such devices.”

NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx, Inc. is a research and development company, concentrating on products in neuro-related fields. Its mission is the development of truly innovative medical devices that are surgeon-driven, promote minimally invasive techniques and allow conformity to patient anatomy.


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